Littlenightowl’s Unsung 90’s Hip Hop Video Heroes – Week 1

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For the next four weeks of Black History Month I will be paying tribute to the African Americans who enhanced my music video watching during my formative years.

Week 1:
The guy keeping abreast of global politics during a South Central, L.A. craps
Today Was a Good Day – Ice Cube (1993)

 About two minutes before Ice Cube is swarmed by the entire LAPD SWAT team at his own house, he was having a pretty good day. He didn’t get stopped by the cops on his way to a lighthearted game of craps. Everybody was into the game except this guy (and possibly a second guy in the left corner):

 He seemingly doesn’t even get shit from his friends about obviously not joining in on the fun, proving that sometimes gangbangers just wanna put their feet up and learn more about the global AIDS crisis before taking a roll of the die.

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