Taking a walk down a crispy aisle in the church of pork and latter-day shanks

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Background: We really like bacon. A lot.

Friend: if we were married, i would take you to a bacon themed resort where all they did was play crazy internet videos and wild twitter statuses all day


Me: that is a marriage with a stronger foundation than most.
if anyone has an objection to this union, oink now or forever roast your peace
your delicious, tender peace

Friend: hahahahaha, we’re eloping, i’m pulling the car around

Me: hahaaa

Me: that would be the best reception. ever
holy shit
we would need a cardiologist
but the extra money would be worth it

Friend: the candle that shines twice as bright burns half as long

Me: kind of like the chambers to our heart pumping harder with bacon infused blood

it’s so beautiful, i’m getting misty

Me: hahahaa

Friend: it might not be a ring, but i think it gets the point across http://eats.com/images/stories/eats/foodie_news/june_09/bacon_and_eggs.jpg

Me: hahaaahaa

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