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I forgot Match.com had a chat function…

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…now I know what I’ll be disabling tonight (I’m the blue icon):

When your post script is longer than the description about yourself…

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…then perhaps it’s time to take a break from Match.com. But this guy is still on the hunt for his one and only (and apparently on the run for some crazy stalker). Click to enlarge:

I gave up…kind of

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Remember all those delightful posts about the world of online dating? Well they’re going to stop for now. I deleted my OKCupid account.

It was getting too, too depressing.

By the way the OKCupid love robot looked dejected as shit that I was deleting my profile.

Come on man. It's not like WE were dating...

Don’t get me wrong, I was fortunate enough to go on a few dates with some nice normal guys but those were few and far in between all the creepsters. I said slightly more than a year ago that I would give this the ol’ college try but over the course of the year I just wanted to give it the ol’ college jungle juice puke.

The site prompted me with a series of questions asking why I was giving them the boot:

I was reluctant to make any selections. There were a couple that I wouldn’t have minded adding to that:

But of course none of those choices were available so I made my choices and said my goodbyes. However, the OKCupid love robot said not to give up hope and it seems he is willing to get me a date by any means necessary:

Just for that, it’s Match.com here I come.