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Littlenightowl’s Unsung 90′s Hip Hop Video Heroes – Week 3

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Week 3:
The woodwind wielding woman who brought us to the dance floor
Rump Shaker – Wreckx-N-Effect (1992)

OK before I get a bunch of complaints that this is sexist hear me out.  This woman will always be the one image I associate with this song for a variety of reasons:

(1) She proves that you can be a woman of many talents in a rap video besides just sitting in a hot tub next to Diddy.

(2) She’s breaking gender stereotypes by secondary school concert band standards. That’s not a flute she’s playing out there. Also you can’t be out in the surf with a flute. The pads under the keys would get wet. The mouthpiece would rust. You probably couldn’t do trills and—ALRIGHT. I PLAYED THE FLUTE IN HIGH SCHOOL. THIS IS HOW I KNOW THIS OK?


(3) If this was a baritone sax she could just release the spit valve into the ocean. She’s already wet. It’s genius.

Littlenightowl’s Unsung 90′s Hip Hop Video Heroes – Week 2

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Week 2:
The woman who eats it hard on her bike while trying to impress Redman
I’ll Bee Dat – Redman (1998)

Redman, who stars in possibly the best episode of MTV Cribs in recorded history, released “I’ll Bee Dat” as a spoof on a variety of rap videos, workout tapes and TV commercials. The video from start to finish is hilarious. But as someone who’s watched America’s Funniest Home Videos since pre-k, of course it was the the part where a cute girl Wayne’s Worlded her way into a car that ultimately did it for me. The woman in this part of the video served as a reminder to focus less on looking cute and more on bicycle helmet safety.

No plans to watch the video? Here’s the breakdown:

Girl sees boy

Boy sees girl

Girl says hi to boy

Boy says hi back

Girl forgets she’s on a moving thing with wheels

Girl’s bike says hi to car bumper

The car bumper doesn’t say hi back

Girl eats shit on rear car window

Boy holy shits himself

Girl receives zero medical attention

Littlenightowl’s Unsung 90’s Hip Hop Video Heroes – Week 1

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For the next four weeks of Black History Month I will be paying tribute to the African Americans who enhanced my music video watching during my formative years.

Week 1:
The guy keeping abreast of global politics during a South Central, L.A. craps
Today Was a Good Day – Ice Cube (1993)

 About two minutes before Ice Cube is swarmed by the entire LAPD SWAT team at his own house, he was having a pretty good day. He didn’t get stopped by the cops on his way to a lighthearted game of craps. Everybody was into the game except this guy (and possibly a second guy in the left corner):

 He seemingly doesn’t even get shit from his friends about obviously not joining in on the fun, proving that sometimes gangbangers just wanna put their feet up and learn more about the global AIDS crisis before taking a roll of the die.

When you care enough to send your most offensive (Part II)

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Because Black History Month is coming to a close I decided another round of Mahogany cards was appropriate–especially since many of you enjoyed the first one.  Here are some gems I found in my local CVS:

Does Justin Timberlake get a royalty check every time this one is sold?