Proof that I need to get back in running shape….

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Okies, so my friend Brie asked me yesterday afternoon if I wanted to run the Burrito Mile at a local Montgomery County high school. I personally haven’t run in ages, and the thought of downing a burrito before running four laps around a track was frightening. Though I would’ve been glad to come and watch, I still had a lot of reading to do so I had to decline.

A few hours later before Phi Sigma Pi pinning, I looked at Brie’s AIM away message saying that she and her younger brother, Cedric, dominated the races and might even be on NewsChannel 4 (the NBC affiliate for Washington, DC). I haven’t seen the story on Channel 4 yet, but someone DID write up a short story on Brie and Cedric on the Burrito Mile web site which you can visit here. And in the top left hand corner is the brother sister duo.

Just as I had suspected, Brie said a lot of people were on the side puking after the race, and I think Cedric even retched himself. But in my opinion, the Tex-Mex expulsion would be worth it to raise money for cancer and get 15 minutes of fame. But for the sake of timeliness, they better show the story on Channel 4 soon or I’m gonna get pissed. As a journalism major, I think a local story where both the brother and sister stomp everyone in a race that most people have never heard of and is for a good cause should get more play than some update on Britney Spears’ mental health.

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