Note to HH – Take a clue from the RoomStore lady and make yourself scarce

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I know this sounds so, so bitter but can someone kill this thing? Now?

That new retailer hhgregg is filling the void some Circuit City chains left when the company went out of business in 2009. They decided “HH” would be their mascot. Best Buy doesn’t need a person in an over sized yellow tag suit prancing around its store so why did they think this misguided punctuation mark was going to bring in customers?

Oh and by the way, for the longest time I thought HH was an upside down exclamation point. Turns out he’s just a rolled up hhgregg ad with a floating smiley face head. This is like opening up a store marketing spankings and using an animated dancing tree switch to sell your wares.

Channel surfing doesn’t solve the problem. This legless, neckless freak is everywhere and as new locations open
up across the U.S. it’s only going to get worse. Clearly their marketing team hates Americans that much that they would
subject the unsuspecting public to his unnatural cheeriness one U.S. city at a time.

Look at him. He is practically *begging* you to punch him in the face.

I wasn’t sure how many people felt the same way about him until I saw the comments on the YouTube video above:

^Judging by the level of anger, this poster will probably put a bullet through his or her TV before a fist

Since you don’t have a neck I can wring–or any appendages of any kind–please take a cue from the Wal-Mart smiley face: Just roll back the prices and zip it.

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