Littlenightowl’s Unsung 90′s Hip Hop Video Heroes – Week 2

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Week 2:
The woman who eats it hard on her bike while trying to impress Redman
I’ll Bee Dat – Redman (1998)

Redman, who stars in possibly the best episode of MTV Cribs in recorded history, released “I’ll Bee Dat” as a spoof on a variety of rap videos, workout tapes and TV commercials. The video from start to finish is hilarious. But as someone who’s watched America’s Funniest Home Videos since pre-k, of course it was the the part where a cute girl Wayne’s Worlded her way into a car that ultimately did it for me. The woman in this part of the video served as a reminder to focus less on looking cute and more on bicycle helmet safety.

No plans to watch the video? Here’s the breakdown:

Girl sees boy

Boy sees girl

Girl says hi to boy

Boy says hi back

Girl forgets she’s on a moving thing with wheels

Girl’s bike says hi to car bumper

The car bumper doesn’t say hi back

Girl eats shit on rear car window

Boy holy shits himself

Girl receives zero medical attention


  1. Daniel says:

    Haha. Good pull Natalie. My first name must be he ain’t shit, cuz everytime I’m in the car bitches be like he ain’t shit.

    This was the first I remember from Redman. Although this was very sung a lot at the time, I think people remember Redman more from movies and Christina Aguilera videos than this. This reminds me of another unsung late 90s video, Juvenile’s “Ha,” from the golden age when Bad Boy entertainment made glitz and glamour fashionable — but little gems like this, Mya ft. Silk da Shocker’s “Movin’ On” and DMX’s “How’s it goin down” were the ones getting me home from school. While I discreetly mean-mugged in my Nike Foamposites and JNCO jeans.

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