How To Make a Popeyes Chicken Game Bucket in 7 Steps (Superbowl Sunday Edition)

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After the Baltimore Ravens’  heartbreaking AFC Championship loss last year to the New England Patriots, two of my friends and I decided to drown our sorrows in a nearby Popeyes chicken restaurant. I’m not sure if there was enough saltiness to absorb our sorrow but it certainly didn’t help when my friend unsheathed this particular bank card to pay for it:



Flash forward to one year later: Before our rematch two weeks ago I was determined that we were not going eat sad Popeyes again. On top of that, I had seen a bunch of commercials leading up to AFC and NFC championship games about a KFC Gameday bucket and thought, “Why in the hell does Popeyes not have a game day bucket? I’m going to fix that.”

 Step 1: Visit the enemy. 

I prefer a KFC/Taco Bell combination since that isn’t as abrasive to my eyes.


Step 2: Ask for a free bucket. Bring it home.

The cashier laughed in my face but whatever I GOT TWO FREE BUCKETS



Step 3: Cover the enemy’s writing with white printer or construction paper.



Step 4: Visit heaven and order 4 to 5 6-pc boxes of spicy Popeyes chicken wings.



Step 5: Swipe a bag or placemat. Cut out the logo on the front with scissors.


Step 6: Cover the virginal white bucket fronts with the Popeyes emblem.



Step 7: Fill and EAT

Happy Superbowl Sunday



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  1. jonathan says:

    This is so freaking silly.

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