Ebony and Ivory Live Together In Perfect Om Nom Nom

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As seen on Baltimoresun.com on 2/3/11

It’s obvious from this picture that Lisa knows what’s up.

Unfortunately she knows she has to play along for now. I don’t think she could look any more paralyzed with fear right from the get go.

This was started out of need for companionship? Really? The first month of friendship might go without incident.

The second month they’ll get into a playful scuffle and Paulchen will accidentally lick the backside of Lisa. Hours later Paulchen will turn to Lisa and say, “Hey did you know you kind of taste good? Kind of like chicken. I know it’s kind of random..hehe…just thought you’d be interested to know.” He’ll laugh nervously and then that’s when the makings of a delicious friendship will begin.

Sidenote: Can’t be a good sign if Paulchen’s tongue is already hanging outside his mouth–probably because he’s trying to catch the flavor of Lisa’s scent that’s been windswept into his mouth.

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