david the mothereffing gnome

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Friend: did you ever watch david the gnome as a kid

Me: yes i did

on nickelodeon?

Friend: ok i am watching clips righ tnow

and realizing how effing awesome/weird it is

Me: hahahaaa

Friend: did you know they all died???


(Friend then sends me the YouTube link below)

Me: wait a minute


they let that episode air?

Friend: david, his wife and the older one

turn into trees

they hug and say goodbye and then turn into trees

Me: dude that is like the saddest shit i’ve heard tonight

Friend: watch it please


Me:  i’m watching it now

(I watch the video. The red fox that David rode on frequently locates David and his wife after searching everywhere for them. You can see the joy in the fox’s face after finally finding David. Then David and his wife embrace, turn into cherry trees, fox starts crying, I’m almost crying and then fox howls into the air with sadness)

aww i feel so sad for that fox he used to ride

Friend: i know!!

Me: he didn’t even see it coming!

Friend: idk why but that disturbs me! i had no idea it ended that way

Me: yeah that is kind of disturbing


  1. Kate C. says:

    They turn into trees? Oh, kinda like this:


  2. shyvonne says:

    Not to be a stickler, but I didn’t think foxes howled. And that is some shit to kill off David the gnome like that. I think I would have been pissed as a kid.

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