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Wow Canada that was ridiculous. RIDICULOUS

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The title of this post was a Google Chat status of mine in response to these images:

…which prompted this discussion:

Friend: wait did canada do something else that would have angered me??

Me: they had he world’s lamest closing ceremony
there was an inflatable moose
inflatable beaver on wheels being led by plaid-clothed lumber jacks
dancing maple leafs

Friend: bahahah ok the usual

Me: i was like, for the love of god someone pour water on this flame
you are killing the olympic spirit
and my retinas
with this cornucopia of inflatable and oversized bullshit

Friend: hahahaha oh natalie how i miss you

Me: haha ah i miss you too
i was telling my friend that if they tried this shit in beijing
someone would’ve been killed

Friend: i want to laugh but i feel like i cant because youre right!
man the wow factor is really pumped up when you have an endless supply of political prisoners!
haha jk

Me: hahahaha