but…but…i don’t have stretchmarks, dang it

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Friend: why was this facebook ad just on my page?

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Me: hahaha
did you have a convo recently on your wall about tequila or tequila related items?
i feel they scour for things like that

Friend: well
the last time i saw it i had just come from melissas page (on her bday) and she said something about having a margarita
but i didnt do that today

Me: hah
i had one come up about me getting rid of my stretch marks
i was like wtf

Friend: hahahaha

Me: i didn’t gain a bunch of weight and lose it recently nor have i been pregnant
so i don’t know where the hell that came from
just keep sending me lonely single ads like you normally do, facebook
stop jumping the gun

Friend: lol

Me: i’m married for fun to my friend
but they still know

Friend: lol

Me: that’s so depressing LOL

Friend: i usually dont look at them
but i think “tequila” caught my eye lol

Me: haha
in the past i would x out of them and they would ask me if the ad was favorable to me
no wait
it would be like rate this ad, good, bad, okay, etc
they had other
i always picked other
so i could type out a response about how absurd the ad was they gave me
in the hopes that if i was mean enough they would just stop sending me ads
but apparently that didn’t work. maybe i need to start personally insulting mark zuckerberg’s mom or something

Friend: lol
let me know how that works out for you

Me: yeah you’ll know soon enough
b/c my account will be deleted

Friend: hahahaha

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