Better ad campaign to curtail texting & driving? #ItCanWait

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I don’t think you should text and drive. Even if I wanted to I’m not coordinated enough to. But I feel AT&T is making some missteps in its ad campaign to convince others not to. The first thing they need to do is…

1. Get better celebrities to endorse this

If they did their market research they would know that everyone besides Mariah Carey wants Nick Cannon to text and drive

Other endorsing celebs on that same level of excitement as getting a hangnail were Heidi Montag–whom everyone was doing their best to forget–and a woman best known for a role on the canceled NBC soap opera Passions.

2. Don’t make ridiculous comparisons

You could’ve subbed in anything for “wearing high heels to the zoo” and it (a) would have made just as much sense as this tweet and (b) sound less appealing by comparison.


And finally, they should realize that…

3.  No one’s going to take it seriously until someone dies while “sexting”

Au Contraire

More people are going to have to die until people get serious about not texting and driving. I can’t think of a faster way to ramp up awareness by numerous media outlets reporting deaths of people who were clearly on their way to getting some.

You don’t want your ghost floating over your girlfriend or mom as she watches the TV news anchor stumble over your last words of “I’MA TEAR THAT UP.” If everyone thought of the embarrassing crap that could be their last words they’d put the phone down. That’s not how you wanna go out.

Unless…of course…you want people to know you didn’t die a virgin. Then you’re golden.

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