Be nice…or I’ll beat the tweet out of you…

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Twitter decided to get smart with me on Tuesday–and I was not having it

After an exhausting night of reporting I arrived at my office ready to tweet the one thing that gave me joy that morning: a bumper sticker from a local elementary school whose tagline was “Where ALL our students are honored” (I didn’t know whether to praise the school for being inclusive or for buttering up the school’s dumber kids).

I typed out my thoughts but noticed the character number indicator in the bottom right hand corner wasn’t moving. I figured I would click the “Tweet” button so it would let me know if I was over the limit.

Normally when you go over the 140 character limit it gives you a pop up alert telling you. But this new Twitter interface they’re forcing upon me decided to take it one step further:

It really should not have bothered me, because it’s a computer and it’s pointless to be mad at a computer. Then I realized there are people behind these computers writing this smart aleck stuff. Then I was filled with rage.

Maybe if I agree to be more clever they’ll admit they need the cast of Whale Wars to save all these damn “fail whales” I see on my computer screen when I try to do something as simple as sign in to my account.

And while we’re on the subject of failing…remember this little gem you sent me a few weeks back?

This is just uncalled for. So you could help me but you choose not to? What the hell.

OK then Twitter, I’ll play your game:

Sad realization: I’ll probably tweet this post.


  1. Sarah says:

    I’m all about — they still respect you enough to tell you your tweet is getting fat.

  2. shyvonne says:

    Careful or you’ll end up in Twitter jail.

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