A travesty fried to perfection

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Is it sad that in the wake of a national $14 trillion debt and a soaring unemployment rate that the thing that makes me truly fear for America’s future is this?:

Kentucky Fried Chicken has aired commercials as of late that proudly proclaim a Zagat rating for their fried chicken. When most people see a Zagat sticker in the window of a restaurant there is an expectation that the food will be delicious, have a decent quality to price ratio and be edible by default. These traits–if you have any tastebuds at all–are completely incongruous with the KFC franchise.

My first reaction upon seeing the commercial was denial that an establishment that introduced food shame spirals such as this and especially this would receive such recognition. The unfortunate truth is that in a 2010 Zagat Survey, KFC did rank #1 and #2 in two chicken categories:

I can’t speak for KFC’s grilled stock but a bucket of that haphazardly seasoned backside of a Shar-Pei they call fried chicken shouldn’t be anywhere near the top of that list. Don’t get me started on the fact Bojangles was ranked fourth.

However, this survey only polled 6,518 Americans. That means depending on where these 6,000+ people live they may not have access to better options such as Popeyes and Bojangles. I’m confident that once one of these 6,518 people gets their hands on a Popeyes chicken wing he or she will be so overcome with emotion that he or she will break into Col. Sanders’ grave and sprinkle cajun spices on his headstone out of anger for depriving them of the glory.


  1. shyvonne says:

    I’m pretty sure that fast food list should have been called “30 ways to die from the following: heart failure, obesity, greasy pores, diabetes, stomach disintegration, etc…”

  2. kim says:

    GAH! Every time I see those commercials I’m enraged on behalf of Popeyes!

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