a convo about incontinent bums with a guy nicknamed "homeless"

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me: it would be even better if it were grape drink: http://breakingnews.baltimoresun.com/2009/08/31/tractor-trailer-carrying-grape-juice-overturns-in-city/
me: Police are redirecting traffic in the Greektown area after a sugar, water, purple spill
Coincidentally this not the first time such a spill has occurred in the neighborhood
Joe Thayer, 77, remembers the great apple drink spill of 1983
“The entire curb was stained green for weeks,” Thayer said. “It took the work of hundreds of urinating bums over a couple of months before it looked normal again.”
David: LMAO!!!
that’s a lot of curb urine
me: well there are a lot of bmore bums
they’ll get the job done
whether they realize it or not
David: really could use some apple drink right now

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