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When you care enough to send your most offensive (Part III)

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I’m long overdue for a third installment of this.

In case you need yet another reminder about what Mahogany cards are, they are greeting cards Hallmark says are better suited for the African American community compared to their heavily glittered, gold embossed stock. The cards are perfect if you’re someone who struggles with how to let your black friend know that you care but are unwilling to place a premium on dumb things like tact and treating others with dignity.

I think the people at Hallmark themselves say it best. Below is an excerpt from their own website:


And I kept these three things in mind as I walked into my local CVS and saw this:


I can only pray you give this to a black person with eczema


It seems since the last time I posted there’s been a whole new crop of cards to make me cringe in my local CVS. Peruse with me, shall we?


Okay…this one I actually agree with (If you saw my grandmother you’d know why)