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Your new scantron sheet: (A) (B) (C) (D) (Chuck Norris)

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Those of you who have known me for a while know that I’m obsessed with It’s Academic, a local high school TV quiz bowl that originated (and still airs) in Washington, D.C. It should be no surprise that I woke up early Saturday on purpose to catch the Baltimore version while I was home this weekend.

And I was not disappointed.

Each team gets a chance to answer 10 questions at the beginning of the show. This particular school was asked to change one word to make the phrase below correct:

This says "Chuck Norris was the first man to fly faster than the speed of sound"

The girl in the center was supposed to say “Chuck Yeager.” What she said instead was this:

“Speed of light?”

What else could she say when Chuck Norris obviously had a gun to her back?


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Just like I wrote about my exit from OKCupid a while back, here is yet another summary about my attempt to exit another online dating site:

My reasons are about 60 percent financial and 40 percent life failure for why I’m quitting. I figured the money that didn’t go to this could go toward important things like this, this and especially this.

Unfortunately, as is the case with many of these websites, you can’t just deactivate and be done with it. As I looked for a quick escape before being charged for another three months I saw this flash on my screen:

Grr. Fine.



After I got over being pissed about their poor word choice I really thought hard about it and changed my answer.


I hit the “Cancel My Subscription” button again and still wasn’t done with me. This time they wanted to know how they could improve. When I didn’t see “lower our prices” written anywhere I gave them my honest opinion:

I finally thought that was it. Then decided to continue to lay it on thick:



Um…good for Heather? It’s hard for me to be that excited for someone I don’t know who obviously doesn’t suffer from adult acne. Maybe if it was someone I was more familiar with I would reconsider…


Sigh. Perhaps I'll try again one day...