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Spring is here but…

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..since Mother Nature squeezed the last bit of snow out of the clouds this Sunday, here’s a tribute to the days of 3 foot high snowbanks:

Virginia commuter schools: Busting your brackets since 2006

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Pittsburgh: Out

Duke: Out

Ohio State: Out

and today Kansas, the last remaining number one seed, was sent  home packing thanks to Virginia Commonwealth University–who had to play against USC just to get IN the tournament.

Also does anyone else find it strange that many of number one seeds that are gone sport red, white and blue in their uniforms? Fitting considering that most of America is out $5 to $10 bucks.

There is nothing minimal about these complexity requirements

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I had three days to change my work password. My computer let me know in detail that my first selection was not up to snuff:

Or…I could just stab myself in the eye. I think I’ll go with that. It requires fewer characters.