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The Sharper Image of the Skies – Part 2

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Part Two: It Came From The Backyard

Yes I’d love to pay 90 bucks for Gollum the College Years to burst out of my begonia bed.

This isn’t acceptable in a garden, office or a family room corner. Well…maybe the family room.

Whoever designed this must be a big Harry and the Hendersons fan because my God it’s like I’m watching a rerun on TV just looking at it.

^I trust my heart only to pump enough blood so I can run away screaming

You wouldn’t want to meet a crocodile or panther in real life, would you? So why these? They’re even sculpted to lie in wait for you.

On second thought, I guess this can appease the idiots who actually wish they could own a panther or crocodile (and yeah, they’re out there):