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I press the “x” but they just keep on coming…

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If you use Facebook as frequently as I do you will notice the ads on the side of the page asking you to join FarmVille, donate your ovaries and/or sperm and get a discount on Sara Lee deli meat–which I do not trust because she should know her roll and stick to pies and cookies.

There were some ads in particular that were disturbing for various reasons. Allow me to share with you.

Babies I Wouldn’t Want To Make With Anyone:

(a) This baby has gorgeous blue eyes but I have no doubt that when he becomes of age he will develop laser shooting capabilities and kill me accidentally and–when he becomes fully aware of his power–kill you on purpose.
(b) My guess is he’s the love child of Jimmie Walker from the 1970s TV Show “Good Times” and that cucumber from Veggie Tales.

The tomato could also make a convincing case for paternity

(c) I can’t tell if this child is crying or the pockets of fat on his face are so enormous that they are eclipsing his eyes.
Virtual Cities I Don’t Want to Move To:

Equally disturbing promotions: