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a recent conversation with my friend made me realize that acc bball players aren’t exactly lookers. i could even point to my own team on this, but for now we’ll focus on duke 😉

supafly85: UNC is having a bit of trouble with davidson
Diamondback Jun: hahahaha…really
Diamondback Jun: i don’t have cable, i can’t revel
Diamondback Jun: what about hansbrough?
supafly85: he’s still alive
Diamondback Jun: scheyer needs to come and just contort his face in the direction of the davidson bench
Diamondback Jun: that should give at least half of them coronaries
Diamondback Jun: from sheer fright
supafly85: nobody matches the fright of sheldon williams
Diamondback Jun: oh good lord
supafly85: what an ugly motherfucker
Diamondback Jun: GOOD LORD
supafly85: fuck
Diamondback Jun: he was ugly as sin
supafly85: im crying right now
Diamondback Jun: *is
Diamondback Jun: he’s like…sam cassell ugly
Diamondback Jun: or at least getting there
supafly85: and really, its not his fault
supafly85: but damn
supafly85: that don’t change a thing
Diamondback Jun: hahahhaa
supafly85: are we going to hell?
Diamondback Jun: hmmm yeah
supafly85: if anything he should
supafly85: for making us suffer


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umm…turns out there was a dead mouse in one of those metal boxes i was griping about. who knew?