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in constant shudder mode

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Halloween is coming up, but I don’t think I need to go to a haunted house to be scared shitless this year when I have enough things to be scared of in my own home. Gahh.


This all started about 2 months ago when my mom wakes me up at 2 a.m. to tell me she saw a mouse in her room. This obviously upset me, not only because I already went to bed late that night after covering a town hall meeting, but now there was something possibly diseased that could’ve made its way into my room which already looks like a bomb hit it.

So we spent 45 minutes making mice traps out of peanut butter, poison pellets and sticky paper and placing them in different areas of the house (corners of kitchen counter, behind the couch, etc.). I don’t think the mouse has eaten any, probably because my mom put Pez sized green poison on a thin layer of peanut butter. I think they caught on that it wasn’t extra chunky Jif they were looking at.

Well since that day, I personally only saw the mouse one more time as it scurried down one level to the basement–a place I don’t venture to often anyway so I was not as freaked out as before. HOWEVER, this morning as my mom was getting ready to leave for Pittsburgh, the mouse decided to shake things up and run through our kitchen floor. We’re probably going to have to call the exterminator again. The first time he came, he left several traps in the house that look like this:

What the f*** is that?

I’m sure it practically screams “come inside” when mice run right by it looking for crumbs. I was tempted to get a sharpie and write “cheezes inside, no kittyz” on it just because I’d be really shocked if they actually went inside after seeing it, and even more shocked if mice could read and didn’t consider the horrible, horrible misspelling was a red flag.


I didn’t realize I hated crickets so much until this summer when there was a ridiculous drought and they came out in full force in my basement (hence why I stayed away from it this summer). I had gigantic spider crickets here, which if you’ve never seen those before, they’re basically regular crickets on steroids.

Normally there would be an image here to back up my statement, but I don’t want to crap my pants every time I look at an archived post so you’re going to have to Google Image it on your own time. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Why are they so huge? That’s just unnecessary. One of them even made it into my room a while back and scared the living crap out of me. I love how it decided to come into my room after my mom had already gone out of town and couldn’t kill it for me. I think it hopped behind my dresser as I doused it with Raid. It’s probably still there.

I’m never moving my dresser again.