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Cedar Point in Review

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So my friends had been talking about visiting an amusement park since the summer began and I forget exactly who out of the group suggested Cedar Point, but whoever it was, God bless you sir or ma’am.

Last weekend nine of us split up among two cars and drove the 6 or 7 hours to Sandusky, Ohio to indulge in two days of roller coaster goodness. And after hours upon hours of long line waits, these are the ones I was able to ride before a rainy ride back home to Maryland.

The Mantis

I think this was the first roller coaster I’ve been on where I was in a standing-up position. At first when they strap you in, it’s kind of uncomfortable (it had to be even more uncomfortable for guys since there was literally a crotch basket you had to straddle your legs over before they buckled you in. It goes somewhere over 72 mph, and the only reason I know that is because I rode it like three or four times and the same red-haired girl rallying off all the coaster facts before they started the ride was always there. Ohh and then there’s this part where it slows down like it’s going to stop, but oh no, it takes you on another drop and you go through even more twists and turns.

On Saturday night, me, Jane, Collin, Kim and Tricia stayed around in the park a bit longer and decided to try the Mantis for a second time that day. Unbeknownst to me, Collin, Jane and Kim were planning on doing jazz hands as soon as the photo snapped at the end of the ride. Unfortunately, these two mofo bastard children sitting beside me and Tricia in the row behind them flipped off the camera, resulting in none of our photos being shown on the screen afterward once we got off the ride. Man I wish we found them after that happened. They can’t take on all five of us.

The Raptor

The first ride we got on once we entered the park on Saturday. Sooo many loops. Kind of abrupt direction changes, but I dealt with it. Sooo many loops. Did I mention the loops. There are a lot of loops. The color of it reminded me of the Joker’s Jinx at Six Flags America, but this one is so much better. In fact, most of the rides on this list are probably better than most at Six Flags America, but maybe that’s just because I’ve been going there since the dawn of time.

The Magnum

This is a beautiful ride. The first drop is somewhat reminiscent of the Superman ride at Six Flags America, but if I had to guess goes even faster and through tunnels. It even drops you while inside the tunnel and then of course that’s when they take your picture while you’re screaming like a banshee. Jane and Collin got a pretty good picture out of this ride.

The Corkscrew

I believe my exact words to Brie as this particular ride ended was “That was it?” Please do not be fooled by the tight photo. This ride sucks. It was over before it even started. It starts out with promise, taking you through, as the name says, many corkscrews, but then it just stops. And definitely not worth the time it took to wait to get on either, haha.

The Wicked Twister

Imagine wrapping a piece of string around your finger, with each part of the strand hugging the part above it, then unraveling it. That’s basically what this ride did except on a much large scale. It shoots you off (with a countdown thank God, because I’m not a fan of the surprise shoot-off) and you wind around going as far up as you can until you no longer can and come back down the opposite direction. I remember when I was waiting for that ride and barely being able to make out the people passing by me on the way to the other side. It was just a blur of metal and people. I’d recommend sitting in either the first or second row for this ride so you can physically see how the car wraps around in swirl.

The Mean Streak

While waiting in line for the Mean Streak, you can’t help but wonder just how many trees had to die to make the ride. It’s a force of wood and metal bolts to be reckoned with. My brain bounced around in my skull for this one, but not nearly as much as it does when I ride the Roar at Six Flags America.

The Millenium Force

I can’t believe we almost didn’t get to ride this.

The line was unbelievable for this ride. I’m talking about a 2 hour long wait for a ride that wasn’t even the newest one in the park (The Maverick was the park’s newest ride this year). This coaster towers above every other roller coaster in the park. It is only somewhat rivaled in height by the Top Speed Dragster (another one we couldn’t ride because the line wait was ridiculous AND it kept breaking down). Since most of us split up to wait for our rides of choice, we all decided to do the Millenium Force together on Sunday since the line was crazy. Well Sunday arrived with a torrential downpour and our second day at the park was threatened to be washed out with weather reports for flooding in Ohio (which definitely got worse after we left if you’ve been watching the news lately). After raining on and off for most of the day, we noticed that they were doing test runs of the Millenium Force and decided we’d give waiting in line a try and if nothing happened, then maybe get on another ride or two and call it a day to get back on the road to MD at a decent time. Well after waiting patiently for about 45 minutes, the line opened, and w/in 10-15 minutes we were on the ride. That sure beat the hell out of waiting 2 hours like everyone else did yesterday.

When you get in, all you have is a lap bar and seatbelt. Wait, maybe not even a seatbelt, just a lap bar secured insanely tight. Then instead of the standard slow climb up the hill before the first big drop, it sped us up the hill giving none of us any time to brace ourselves. As we went up, all you could see is Lake Erie surrounding you and before we knew it we hit the first big drop and my stomach was hanging somewhere outside of my mouth. This ride, which I think goes over 90 mph, stretches through different parts of the park and also contains tunnels. I remember not being able to speak when I got off. I wish we could’ve ridden that one, one more time.