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a rather funny convo a.k.a. the brainstorm on how to get out of serving jury duty

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Diamondback Jun: i’m hoping the fact i put journalist as my profession on the sheet i had to mail them will help somewhat
Diamondback Jun: but they also might see that in another way
Diamondback Jun: like “hey she should be fair and balanced,”
BballGrl87: nope
BballGrl87: be very extreme
BballGrl87: if they ask you questions
BballGrl87: “how do you feel about the death penalty?”
BballGrl87: “well, asswipe, i think we should be allowed to implement it at any time. for example, you just asked me a dumb question, i should be allowed to kill you. DIE, BITCH!”
Diamondback Jun: hahaha
Diamondback Jun: the asswipe is completely necessary
Diamondback Jun: to complete the effect
BballGrl87: of course
BballGrl87: i had this discussion with a friend
BballGrl87: there is no comeback to asswipe
BballGrl87: like if i call you a whore
BballGrl87: you can call me a slut
BballGrl87: if i call you a bastard
BballGrl87: you call me a mofo
BballGrl87: there is NO comeback to asswipe
BballGrl87: it is the ultimate insult
BballGrl87: because it just shuts someone up
BballGrl87: and they’re like, oh damn, she just called me an asswipe
Diamondback Jun: hahahah
Diamondback Jun: yeah once you go to the rectum, there’s no coming back
Diamondback Jun: maybe i should just start things off by walking in wearing a tshirt that said something like “ann coulter is my personal jesus”
Diamondback Jun: that should get the red pens a’flying
BballGrl87: ahahahaha
BballGrl87: dooooo it