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Proof that I need to get back in running shape….

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Okies, so my friend Brie asked me yesterday afternoon if I wanted to run the Burrito Mile at a local Montgomery County high school. I personally haven’t run in ages, and the thought of downing a burrito before running four laps around a track was frightening. Though I would’ve been glad to come and watch, I still had a lot of reading to do so I had to decline.

A few hours later before Phi Sigma Pi pinning, I looked at Brie’s AIM away message saying that she and her younger brother, Cedric, dominated the races and might even be on NewsChannel 4 (the NBC affiliate for Washington, DC). I haven’t seen the story on Channel 4 yet, but someone DID write up a short story on Brie and Cedric on the Burrito Mile web site which you can visit here. And in the top left hand corner is the brother sister duo.

Just as I had suspected, Brie said a lot of people were on the side puking after the race, and I think Cedric even retched himself. But in my opinion, the Tex-Mex expulsion would be worth it to raise money for cancer and get 15 minutes of fame. But for the sake of timeliness, they better show the story on Channel 4 soon or I’m gonna get pissed. As a journalism major, I think a local story where both the brother and sister stomp everyone in a race that most people have never heard of and is for a good cause should get more play than some update on Britney Spears’ mental health.

a gift from henderson legal services across the hall

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This was here to greet me this morning near the desk I always sit at when I intern at the Examiner:
It certainly gave me a jolt when I got closer to the window, but I guess that’s better than relying on caffeine to get me through the day. I’ve been tempted to touch, even pet it but every time I get close I end up staring into its eyes. I’m staring at them right now. Ooogh.

Last night was fun, I went to see comedian Theo Von at Stamp. The guy was funny for some parts, but he was definitely guilty of the tried and not so much true anymore comedic standard of joking about racial stereotypes, not to mention COMPLETELY capitalizing on that story about the guy who was masturbating on one of the UM Shuttle Buses. We were all saying that if that hadn’t happened he wouldn’t have half of his material, haha. Apparently he was on Last Comic Standing–in addition to a series of Road Rules Challenge episodes–but I have a feeling he didn’t make it too far in the competition.

Afterward I went to 3203 to watch Little Miss Sunshine. It was my fourth time watching the movie in the past month and a half, but I still can’t get enough of it, plus Brie and Becky hadn’t seen the movie yet so I deem that a valuable excuse to watching it again. I should be going to Chabad with them tonight, my first time ever which might surprise the people who consider me the “honorary jew” but first time nonetheless and then off to Bentley’s to celebrate my apt. mate Megan’s 22nd birthday if they’re still going to be there. For now, I should sign off before people here realize I’m writing in the blog, haha.

Creepy-ass deer…