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just three things…

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(1) While walking on M Street to Farragut North I saw a man talking to himself and simultaneously thrusting his pelvis in some rhythmic fashion in the direction of a National Geographic Society exhibit. Man, you’ll never see anyone in inner city Baltimore doing that…not that people don’t ramble it’s just they don’t bother leaving their stoop to do so.

(2) If we are friends and you happen to like martial arts films, you should see “The Protector” with me. I saw it Friday night with Jason, Kofi and Raheil and I already want to see it again. It’s about this guy who tracks his beloved kidnapped elephant all the way to the “land down under” and kicks anyone and everyone’s ass who was connected with taking him away from his loving arms. Speaking of arms, this guy, Tony Jaa, he breaks A LOT of them in this film. Not to mention elbows, shins, necks, knee caps–pretty much anything that could snap on your body wasn’t saved. This guy left no arm untwisted and no crotch unpunched. And it was glorious. All of it. Any critic who panned this film was taking it waaay too seriously. Take the film for what it’s worth and you’ll be cracking up like we were in the theater.

(3) Thanks to me and my craving for a Krispy Kreme donut I nearly lost my wallet FOREVER on Thursday. That morning I was too hungry to last all of ENGL379R so I decided to get something to tide me over while I was in class. Turns out in the purchasing process I left my wallet on the Commons Shop counter like an idiot. I literally went an entire day not realizing my wallet was NOT in my drawstring bag. I probably didn’t notice since the wallet is usually buried down there beneath my notebooks. However, when it came time for Jason and I to get dinner at Chipotle to bring back to his apt to watch that life force sucking fb game, I realized my wallet was gone.

At first I thought someone went through my bag while I was in the journalism bldg bathroom, but I was pretty sure I had my eyes on it then even through the crack of the bathroom stall. Then I started thinking I was careless and maybe looked away for a short while as I was finishing up, giving someone time to make a move. Yes, this all sounds as stupid to you as it does to me, but I guess I just didn’t want to believe I just plain left it somewhere. I’m usually not THAT careless. I distinctly remembered putting my debit card in my wallet before heading out to class, so there was no way I could have left it there, right?

I was so mad at myself for losing it I actually threw a shoe in my room out of anger and then came to terms that I was gonna have to cancel a card and get another license. Then I realized I should consider the possibility I left it at the Commons Shop. And so, using the number I often called to inquire about their mango supply, I called to see if they had seen any wallets.

And thank GOD. The lady who picked up the phone was the one who saw it. Long story short, she put it in a safe, I came by and got it, and then I hopped in my brother’s car which contained a burrito he bought for me during my mini-crisis. I ate, I watched, I groaned and I cursed.

But at least I wasn’t groaning because I was broke.

Effing Mountaineers…