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Tonight I just saw hundreds of people dance to the old school HBO Feature Presentation Theme Music on the National Mall (during Scene on the Green).

Not only was seeing that better than the actual movie, but I’m seriously considering going back there for the beginning of next week’s movie just so I can see everyone do that dance again.

Perhaps I might join them. You never know, cause you have to admit, it’s pretty damn catchy.

well, the blogging streak was nice while it lasted…

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While it seemed I was on a roll with the amount of posts I made to this thing, I have definitely fell off the track with keeping you all informed of my comings and goings.

Right now in the office we’re putting the finishing touches on the Capital Living section’s Top 50 Most Beautiful People on Capitol Hill List. This is the third year in a row The Hill has cranked out this list, thanks to suggestions from writers, lobbyists and staffers calling in and emailing the paper about someone in their office they thought looked cute and/or hot.

On Monday, I was the only intern in a sea of writers & editors crowded around a computer screen with pictures of all the nominees. Our job was to give our personal opinions of each person on screen. Damn, some of the comments I heard….I mean I won’t lie some of them were hilarious, but still brutal. I’m glad I wasn’t one of the ones who suggested a friend or someone I knew for the list, because if they got caught in the crossfire of their comments I’d probably die. Not that I think any of my friends are ugly, quite the contrary, it is really hard for me to judge anyone on their appearance because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It’s just, for that one night, everyone in that office was given free license to behold it in order to whittle the list down to 50, LOL.

After finalizing the top 50, Betsy, the Capital Living editor, assigned everyone a few people to write briefs on for the paper. I had one interview today that I need to write up before the end of the night, and then I have two scheduled for tomorrow and one who’ll let me know when he’s available. I have to get them done by Friday, which is the usual deadline for everything I write there.

Oh yeah, and a freaky thing happened last week. I ran into my Journalism 320 professor, David Lightman THREE times. He’s a writer for the Hartford Courant’s Washington Bureau, so I guess it’s dumb of me to think I wouldn’t run into him on Capitol Hill. Just the same, it’s kind of weird when you’re trying to hunt down representatives and senators with your teacher doing the same only a few feet away from you, haha. Good thing he’s one of my favorite professors (despite it being an 8am class) or it might freak me out more than it does now.

Going home to see some relatives this weekend coming up from Pittsburgh. That means I’m probably not going to have a bed when I come back to the house (hence why I had to clean my room last Saturday). But I’m hoping Jason and I will get some oysters and clams with Dad early that morning before seeing everyone else. Then work on Sunday (me shaking fist of fiery anger)

Okay, off to rope someone into having dinner with me. Speedier posts in the future hopefully…