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just a few questions…

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Why is this university making us pay for the public to use a shuttle that they practically get a free pass to use anyways? (cause I have yet to see a driver check for an ID).

Why did the paper neglect to mention Caner-Medley dropped out, but we all know about McCray and now, Garrison? (though I probably already know the answer to this question unfortunately).

Why are the new ID cards every student has to get so damn ugly? Ugh.

Actually the ID card issue peeves me a bit. Not just because it’s ugly (or because it’s apparently easier to rip off information from than the cards we’re using now) but because it’s made out of that same ink that rubs off after, oh I don’t know, A DAY. I realize I am a big dork for being pissed about this, but since I work at the Circulation desk this affects me directly. If a student/prof/affiliate wants to check out a book, we scan their barcodes first before we loan it to them, and I have yet to meet an undergrad student who’s barcode is completely intact in order for me to do so. I almost always have to use their UID, or if they’re a senior I use the SSN (b/c cards older than 2003 don’t have UIDs).

The other thing is, we have these self-checkout machines across from our desk which absolutely depend on an intact barcode in order for you to have any hope of checking books out without my or anyone else’s assistance (i.e. undergrads = screwed). Most grad students have perfect looking barcodes, prob cause they would never need to swipe their card for any reason. But even with perfect barcodes, those stupid machines don’t pick it up. They’re completely useless because they just send all the customer traffic back to us anyway. Now these cards will guarantee this vicious cycle continues.

I guess I was hoping this time around they would make an ID that lasted instead of these cheap pieces of crap again. Though I don’t know why I would expect anything less (i.e. see the first question at the beginning of this post). I would show an example of what they look like, but that means I would have to show you mine and I (a) don’t like my picture and (b) am not inclined to show my personal info (there’s enough of it out there in the Internet universe anyway, hehe) We don’t officially start using them until May 28th, so right now it’s in my wallet, rubbing up against my checking and BCPL cards. Grrr.

this made my night (or technically early morning…)

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So perfect 🙂

Night night….