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oh well at least that kid won the free scion…

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Ehh…we lost again. This time to North Carolina, which wouldn’t make me feel as bad if this was last year when they went on a killing spree that ultimately lead to their national championship…but ohhh no. Of course they’re like 3-3 (or should I say 4-3) in the ACC. This game def reminded me of the one versus Temple where we just screwed up in the end. It’s not like we didn’t come out strong at the beginning, but we can never finish strong either and it’s really starting to annoy me. I should mention however that some kid named Cameron Stearns actually won the scion shootout contest and made the place go crazy during halftime. I was pretty damn flabbergasted that the guy made the half-court shot, cause no one EVER makes it and we don’t usually expect a contestant to win it all. Wow I’m glad I didn’t give into my hunger and try to get some overpriced food otherwise I never would have seen it with my own eyes. I should mention that he’s not getting that sweet scion coupe, but rather that oh so popular box scion. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s a picture I found:

Yeah it’s pretty damn hideous, but if he’s smart he’ll sell it for a dependable used car and save the rest of the money for college expenses or whatever. Just as long as he doesn’t keep the boxmobile he’s alright in my book.

Before the game I was all over campus for class, work, stat work, and getting stuff to make a poster for the PSP table at stampfest tomorrow. I ran into Jess on the way to CVS which was cool and we talked a little more about our classes. She switched her major to History from Sociology and she said she’s a lot more happier in this one than Socy because, among many other reasons, the major was quite depressing. She’s also getting some of the girls on Helpful Corn (the women’s ultimate frisbee team) to kick her in the ass to study on a regular basis, so whoever’s doing that for her, I tip my cat ear hat to you :-). I surely hope she does well this semester and that she’ll stick with the major, even if it means a ridiculous amount of reading.

This afternoon I called Jason to tell him I didn’t need him to save me a seat, but received some unexpected news about our uncle. He said our uncle is going into kidney failure and undergoing dialysis at a hospital in Pittsburgh now. I called my mom after the game to see what was going on, and she said that unless he gets a transplant, he’ll be under dialysis on a regular basis. She also said he was experiencing heart failure (eek) because of his condition, but that his heart should improve once he receives medical attention he’s getting now.

I’ll admit I wasn’t the closest with this uncle as I was with other relatives, mostly due to his insane work hours and our infrequent visits, but out of most of my mom’s siblings, he probably had the most in common with Jason and I in terms of sense of humor. When we did talk we found that all three of us watched the same shows, liked the same things, which is helpful in a house where all anyone wants to do is watch the Food Network 24/7. I mean, the Food Network is a fine channel and all, but if the channel never changes the dial it can be a bit frustrating. Oh well, that’s just a petty internal complaint I usually have when I go up there. Anyways, I absolutely hate it when family members get sick, and his being sick concerns me a bit more because he lives with our grandma, who spent part of the Christmas holiday getting fussed at by my other aunt about forgetting to take her medicine and consenting to start on a local “meals on wheels” program so she would eat on a regular basis. So that means two sick people living together in one place. That cannot be good in the long run, and all I can do is pray that someone looks after Grandma, and that Grandma herself remembers to take her medicine while he’s in the hospital.

Normally I don’t have to get up early on Fridays cause I have no class, but alas, stampfest is tomorrow and I want to make sure I’m there on time to set up the table…which means I should’ve been in bed an hour or two ago (don’t be fooled by the time below, that’s always wrong). Bye for now.