Monthly Archives: December 2005

Abusing Spongebob (aka that tuesday night we cooked all the food we had in the apartment because it was going to go bad)

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Our love for sparkling grape & apple cider is working against Spongebob, as both his feet are pushed into the narrow necks of both bottles.

Grace figured she’d try stuffing his arms in there while she was at it. Spongebob is either just completely stupid or not believing his incredible misfortune right now…

Okay, he kinda looks like he’s fearing for his life in this one…that’s more like it.

Yes, I had a lot of time on my hands (this is what happens when your finals week ends abnormally early compared to past semesters).

By the way, I will be spending Christmas in Pittsburgh, so that means I’ll be in Baltimore for literally a split second before riding with Joelle, Mom and Jason to PA Thursday morning. Should be back sometime on the 26th though to be the complete waste of life I usually am on winter breaks. Hopefully I will enjoy this said wasted time :-).

Home on Wednesday…